ANMA 6th March,2022


The first of its kind as Tinkong hosts a national program and so the whole community was so grateful and attended in their numbers. The Hon. MCE Barima AWUAH Sarpong Asiedu-Larbi quoted from Henry Fords as “an individual wins a match but a team wins a tournament” to reiterate the fact that until we do away with individualism and move as a people with common destiny and aspiration we can’t develop. He used the Biblical example of the building of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11 to say that when we move together, we can develop so easily and faster, he admonished; that we shouldn’t let politics, religion and tribe divide us as a country. Out of excitement the chief of the area Nana Wontumi Toprah IV promised to host it again next year God willing. .

Akwapim North Municipal Assembly celebrates the independence anniversary at Tinkong to commemorate the rebirth of the country under the theme “our Unity, our strength, our purpose”

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