Central Administration

The Central Administration Department is the Secretariat of the District Assembly and shall be responsible for the provision of support services, effective and efficient general administration and organization of the District Assembly.

Budget & Rating

The Budget and Rating Department shall

Facilitate the preparation and execution of the budget of the District Assembly

Facilitate the preparation, collation and submission of annual estimates by other


The Finance Department is responsible for the sound financial management of the District Assembly's resources.


The Legal Department shall

Provide legal advice to the Assembly

Assist or facilitate the drawing up of rules and regulations to guide the activities of the Assembly


The Department of Transport is to assist the Assembly formulate and implement policies on transport services within the framework of national policies.

Physical planning

The Department of Physical Planning at the District level shall manage the activities of the Department of Town and Country Planning and the Department of Parks and Gardens.



To be a highly professional and competent technical department dedicated to providing cutting edge quality extension and other services to ensure the sustainable development of agriculture in the metropolis.

Trade & Industry

The Department of Trade, Industry and Tourism shall under the guidance of the Assembly deal with issues related to trade, cottage industry and tourism in the district.


The department of Health at the District Assembly level consists of the office of the District Medical Officer of Health and the Environmental Health Unit.

Education youth & sports

The education, youth and Sports Department of the Assembly is responsible for pre-school, special school, basic education, youth and sports, development or organization and library services at the district level.

Social Welfare & Community Development

The Social Welfare and Community Development Department shall assist the Assembly to formulate and implement social welfare and community development policies within the framework of national policy.

Natural Resources

The Natural Resources Conservation Department of the District Assembly is for the sustainable development of the forestry and wildlife resources and protected areas, in the District by combining functions of the Departments of Forestry and Wildlife.

Disaster prevention & Managment

The Disaster Management and Prevention Department shall

Assist in planning and implementation of programmes to prevent and/or mitigate disaster in the District within the framework of national policies

Works Department

The Department of Works of the District Assembly is a merger of the Public Works Department, Department of Feeder Roads and District Water and Sanitation Unit, Department of Rural Housing and the Works Unit of the Assembly.

Waste Management Department

The Waste Management Department has been mandated to provide facilities, infrastructural services and programmes for effective and efficient waste management for the improvement in environmental sanitation, the protection of the environment and the promotion of public health.

Urban Roads

The Urban Roads Department shall:

Advise the District Assembly on the formulation and implementation of Urban Road Policy in the Region